Behavior Plan

Harding is a Positive Behavior Supports (PBS) school. Our Behavior Plan includes expectations for appropriate behavior, rewards for demonstrating appropriate behavior and consequences for problem behavior.  The goals are to teach and encourage appropriate behavior; to increase motivation of students to behave in appropriate ways; and to deal with inappropriate student actions in a fair and consistent manner.

            Be Safe

            Be Respectful

            Be Responsible

 HARDING PLEDGE (recited on Monday morning announcements)

“I promise to respect everyone at Harding Elementary, to follow school rules, to value all property, to listen to others, to do my best at learning and to cooperate.  I will not hurt others with my words or actions.  I want Harding Elementary to be a safe and happy place for all.”


Lessons to teach the Harding Expectations for each setting (classroom, hallway, playground, lunch, restroom, assembly, bus, arrival/dismissal) have been developed.  The lessons are taught at the beginning of the year and as needed throughout the school year. 


Weekly Rewards

  1. Tickets- Students are acknowledged for appropriate behavior with verbal praise and given a colored ticket.  The student is responsible for writing his/her name on the ticket and placing it in collection containers located in each classroom and the gym.
  2. Tickets are color-coded for different locations
  • Yellow- Bus
  • Blue- Breakfast/Lunch
  • Red- Classrooms, Hallway, Restroom, Assembly
  • Green- Playground
  1. The containers of tickets are collected on Fridays.  Names are drawn and read on the Monday morning announcements. Students come to office to select prizes which may include:  school supplies, healthy snacks, stickers, and smaller playground equipment.

 Monthly Rewards/Specific to Location

  1. All tickets from the weekly drawings are kept and used for the monthly drawings.  The following rewards will be held each month:
    • Yellow-Bus: Pictures/Bus helpers
    • Blue-Lunch/Breakfast: Fancy Lunch in the art room
    • Red-Classroom/Hallway/Assembly: Picture and Name posted in the atrium display case and breakfast snack/joke time with the principal.
    • Green-Playground:  15 minute physical activity or additional recess time.

 Quarterly/Annual Rewards

  1. All students with no Minor, Major, or Bus Reports for problem behavior will be eligible for rewards at the end of each quarter.  Students start with a “clean slate” each quarter.  Quarterly reward ideas include: popcorn/movie, bingo/suckers, recess/popsicles, silly shower.
  2. All students with one or less Minors and/or bus reports, and no Majors for problem behavior will be eligible for the annual rewards.  Annual reward ideas include: Pool Party (K-5)


When school staff observe or have problem behavior reported, they first ensure the safety of all students involved.  After reviewing the expectation(s) not followed (Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible) they will determine the severity and consequence for the problem behavior. 

  • Accommodation
  1. School staff manage the behavior and apply natural consequences. (Apology, verbal reminder, timeout, I-message, move seat/materials, stand by the wall/sit on bench, send back to walk, call home/email, lose privilege, separate students…)
  • Minor
    1. The problem behavior is documented on a form and submitted to the office.  One copy will be sent home to be signed by parents and returned to school.
    2. The student will report to the office and miss the next recess. 
  • Major
    1. The student will be sent to the office immediately. 
    2. The principal will document the problem behavior, problem solve with the student, determine consequences and contact the parent. 
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